Sunshine Highlight

  • Make it shine with our Sunshine Highlights in Fetch , Rich Girl and Clueless! Highlights are multi-use and can be utilized in eyeshadow looks, bronzer and highlights! All natural pigments and alllll natural glow.

    **Advise using this product with setting spray and primer for extended wear. 15g ,Multiuse. 15 grams of product lasts for about a year! 

    Fetch is our bronze, warm, duo highlight that'll have you looking like your vacationing in San Juan!

    Rich Girl is for the show stoppers, this shimmery golden highlight grabs everyone's attention when you step into the room!

    Clueless gives you girly girl vibes, shines super bright with a rosey gold glow, you'll blush with us!


    Gossip has the prettiest gold glow that makes your skin look like satin, this is a more orange tone gold perfect for fairer or light tan skin tones. 


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